Hi everybody it's me again i'm going to tell you a story called Woody Goes To Town Once upon a time there was a boy rabbit called Woody he had a twin brother called Patch,his mum's name was Beckie. One day Woody,Patch and Beckie were going to town. The first shop they went into was called Carrots (the grossory shop). When they came out ...... Beckie was shocked Woody and Patch were gone! Beckie serched almost everywhere but she couldn't find them anywhere:-( Then she came to the last shop she rabbit prayed they were in there and when she walked in ........... they were there!! Beckie was soooo glad they were in there she gave them a huge hug and they went home. While they were in the car Beckie said " don't you boys ever do that again"They said" ok Mum"Then it was night time so Woody and Patch had to go to bed!! The next day there friend Misty:-) Woody,Patch and Misty all played outside they played tig and Hide and seek then they went to there dad's shop rabbits. His name is Bob they were just round the corner from it so they walked when they were there Woody and Patch said "hi dad" bob said" hi sons" Misty said " hi Bob " Bob said " hi Misty". They came out with an ice-cream Woody and Patch had a cornetto and Misty had a tub of vanila Ice cream. Then they went home and Woody said"mum i'm home"!Beckie said "hi" Then Misty's dad came his name was Jimmy then Misty said "bye " Woody and Patch said the same . Then it was midnight and it was time for Woody and Patch to go to bed.