Hi I am going to tell you the story of the magic box. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1!

It was a bright, sunny day. Jordyn was bored sitting in her room. It was 2 o'clock it was time for Jordyn's dad to go to work. "Bye dad," said Jordyn.

Jordyn's dad, Bob said,"Bye Jordyn."

So off he went. Jordyn's mum's name was Morgan. Jordyn has blonde, silky hair and green eyes and her favourite animal is a unicorn. Her age is 9. Morgan has brown shiny hair with bright, blue eyes. Bob has black hair and dark brown eyes. Abbie (Jordyns friend) has brown hair and green eyes. Her age is 9 and her favourite animal is a horse. Morgan's age is 28 and Bob's age is 30!

Chapter 2!

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Jordyn your friend Abbie is at the door," said Morgan.

" Ok mum I'm coming in just 2 minutes," replied Jordyn.

After that they went out to play in the park.

" What do you want to do?" asked Abbie.

" I don't know. What do you want to do?" asked Jordyn. Abbie said, "How about we play on the seasaw?"

" Ok then," replied Jordyn.

So they went on the seasaw but a couple of minutes later they got bored.

They were about to go home when .............. Abbie said, "Look over there in those bushes, Jordyn. I see something glowing!"

"Me too! Should we see what it is?" Said Jordyn.

"Ok" replied Abbie.

So they went to the bushes and Jordyn picked up the box. She tried to open the box but she couldn't because it had a lock! The box was quite big. It was pink and had purple sparkles on it!

Chapter 3!

Then they looked in the bush next to the bush with the box in it and they saw a key. So they tried the key in the big box and ............... it worked! They were so happy and they wondered what was inside the box. So they looked inside of it and they saw a unicorn and a horse! They were so happy because they were Jordyn and Abbie's favourite animals and they could both talk. The unicorn said, "I will grant you both 3 wishes each so pick wisely".They played with their pets and then Jordyn thought to herself, "What should I wish for?" Then she said to her unicorn, "I wish for a stable to keep you in and some food please."

The unicorn said, " Ok, coming right up."

So she got her wish, then Abbie said to her horse,

"I wish for everything I need when I am taking care of you and riding you please."

"Ok then,"said her horse.

So she got her wish too! They were having so much fun!

Abbie had to go home so Abbie said, "Bye Jordyn and Jordyn's unicorn."

"Bye Abbie and Abbie's horse," said Jordyn.

The End!!!!!!