Hi world I'm going to tell you a story called The Haunted School

Chapter 1

Once upon a time , there was 2 girls called Milly and Molly. There mum and dad were talking about, there old school how they miss it !! Then Milly had an great idea. She said I have an great idea she said" how about we have a visit to our mum and dads old school? Molly said" ok" So they went they thought hmmmm how about we bring our friends Mari and Mary. So they phoned them,they said "ok then " Milly is very pretty, she has blonde curly and Molly has brown strate hair.Mari has light brown hair and Mary has black hair.

Chapter 2

So they walked to Mari and Mary's house and they stayed there for a while, they played a few games.Then it was 4:00 pm and it was tea time, Milly and Molly said to theyre mum "Hi mum can we stay at Mari and Mary's house for tea please!! Mari and Mary's mum said "ok then ", they had rice for there tea it was delesious. After that it was time for them to visit the school. They were feeling quite scared.

Chapter 3

Mari, Mary, Milly and Molly there mum's car to the school because they were quite far away from it.When they were there the door was already open :-S The first class they went into was the library! When they got inside it was full of cobwebs they all said "ewww!" Even all of the books were dusty they were scared because they had just read a book called The Scary Halloween and it was a very very scary book so they went out

bye for now to be continued :-) :-S