hi everybody again:-) I am going to tell you a story called Monto The Horse Once upon a time there was a horse called Monto. Monto was a friendly horse he made friends with ANYBODY!! One day when Monto was running about in his field a Horse napper made friends with him!! He had a green van at night when Monto went into his stable Maria (his owner) was finishing up feeding Monto. Then it was morning Maria woke up at 8 : 00 am she went out to see how Monto was doing he was not fine :-( He had finished his drink but something was in it!! It was sick the robber that had came yesterday had put poison in to his drink. Maria said "Monto are you ok? Monto said "neigh " Maria new what Monto was saying he said no i feel sick,a few minutes later Monto was sick but this time he was sick on Maria but Maria said "it's ok " because she was in her jockey suit but she had to have a shower because later on at 6 : 00 pm it was her friend Ellie's party! Ellie was Maria's best friend apart from Monto she had blonde curly hair,a long pink dress with sparkles on it, big pink high heels and a little pink purse it was all baby pink.Maria looked beautiful in her outfit it was her friend Ellie's birthday and Ellie had always been dreaming f getting a horse and Maria got her a horse. Later on the party had started Maria said bye to Monto ans drove to the Community Center Ellie was there Maria was there so was Molly,Sally and Rachel there was a lot of more people there but they were the main one Molly, Sally and Rachel are also Maria and Ellie's friends. Back at the stables Monto was about to fall asleep but then the horse napper came and he stole Monto away he shouted "HELP" as loud as he could but nobody heard him! When they were at the horse nappers stable there was loads of other horses there it was sad and scary:-( Monto was hoping Maria would come but she didn't she was still at the party there was still a hour to go! When Maria did get home she said "Monto i'm home there was no reply she always says that and Monto comes galloping she checked in the stable there was nobody there she checked everywhere in her house but nobody was there it was night time now and Maria went to bed and she couldn't stop crying she cried all night at the horse nappers stable Monto tried to escape 5 times on the 6th time he finally escaped luckily Monto new his way home:-) So when it was morning time Maria checked if Monto was there one last time and ..... Monto was there Maria was soooooooooooooooooooo happy to see him and she said "i'm so happy your here i missed you sooo much!! She fed Monto and they were Jumping ,cantering and galloping. THE END COPY RIGHT